NZ Scenarios

Organisation 1

Baby Kiwi Airlines – fleet of 5 B350 A/C – Bolthole operation at AKL airport

Staff of 30 (pilots, admin, management, marketing/PR)

RMP for new regular route to Stewart island

Tourism opportunity – local businesses happy

Couple of locals are not – making threats on social media

Wellington parachute school uses the airfield on weekends

New airfield – no local staff, no RFF minimal facilities


Organisation 2

Canterbury Scenic fleet of 5 R44s – Ashburton airfield

Staff of 15 mainly pilots with couple of admin and pax assist staff

RMP for new competitor starting similar operations at airfield

Limited manoeuvring area

Deteriorating hardstand area with FOD issues – council unwilling to help

Unreliable refueller

Pax need to load on the hardstand


Organisation 3

Wal and Darlene maintenance

Low key Part 145 – mainly SE and ME GA aircraft at Gisborne

Husband and Wife + 2 LAMEs

Significant Government contract opportunity

RMP for need to ‘Ramp up’ much higher risk Part 145

Need to increase workforce, shifts and workloads

Health issues with Wal

Resistance to the new business opportunity from current LAME


Organisation 4

Whykikamoocow regional airport

Regular transport to adventure tourism region

Parachute operator, heli-skiing operation, Aeroclub for Part 141 training and recreational flying

RMP for new drone operator wants to commence operations for multiple ops (Whale watching etc) – significant sized drones

Significant angst between local operators and regional airline conducting straight in approaches to land. (Arguments over who has right of way)