Key SMS course points



1     ICAO ⇒ Aust/NZ Governments ⇒ ALoS and SSP ⇒ SARPs ⇒ SMS

2     Normalisation of Deviance / Active and Latent failures / HF and Cultural issues

⇒ Accidents

3     Components work together

4     With workforce Human Factors skill set ⇒ Safety Culture can be enabled

5     Management commitment to SMS is key to success

6     Look for SMS elements in your workplace

7     SMS lifts safety culture, directs awareness to it and talk to other parts of the business

8     Safety is a shared responsibility – not just the safety management personnel

9     Present and Suitable ≠ Operational and Effective

⇒ SMS takes time to evolve

10   Everyone is a safety leader

11   Safety is a ‘three legged stool’

12    Maintain a sense of chronic unease