SMS Components

SMS components and elements

The CASA SMS structure

Safety Culture

Safety culture is missing from the SMS framework. It is key, it is critical, but it cannot be legislated for, nor can it be imposed or enforced. It has to come from within. It is the ‘Oil that keeps the SMS cogs turning – the glue that binds it together’. Without it, SMS is a manual that sits on a shelf.

Safety Culture
Professor James Reason

A SMS cannot exist without a safety culture in an organisation. It is an attitude, a belief, a commitment and an understanding that everyone has responsibility to safety. It must be practiced, demonstrated, rewarded and applauded. Without it, SMS cannot, and will not be effective.

Integration of Human Factors into SMS

The other missing element from the framework is the need to integrate Human Factors (HF) into SMS

Effectively this means all personnel need to be trained and aware of HF, and that consideration to HF need to be made in respect to each element of SMS.