AAP element 14

Training and education

Training and eductaion

For an SMS to be effective, personnel require both training and education.

Training is role specific.

Examples include:

  • Specific SM training
  • Mandatory and voluntary reporting training for all employees
  • Fair and Just culture training as it applies to the whole organisation.

Education is opportunistic professional development.

Examples include:

  • Sending employees on an accident investigation course
  • Individuals being sponsored to attend a tertiary education course related to safety
  • Middle managers receiving extra education on fatigue management for a supervisory role.

All personnel must receive both SMS and HF training as part of regulatory compliance requirements.   Normally this would be part of induction training. Re-currency training should be conducted on an annual basis. The SMS manual will detail all SMS and HF training requirements, and the organisation shall keep records of training for all personnel. A Training Needs Analysis (TNA) needs to be conducted.

Suggested training is in the the table below.

Operational staffManagers and SupervisorsSenior managersAccountable managers
SMS overviewHazard and Risk managementSMS regulatory requirementsSMS course
Management commitment to SMSManagement of changeManagement commitment and responsibilityHuman Factors
Fair and Just cultureSMS promotion and supervisionFair and Just cultureManagement and administration of safety
Reporting system and safety leadershipSMS trainingCompliance requirementsRisk assessment and mitigation

Advisory material on SMS training

CASA CAAP SMS – 1(0) and AC119-01 has detail on training requirements for staff including:

  • Training requirements
  • Training documentation
  • Initial safety training – all staff
  • Safety training for management
  • Specialist safety training
  • Training for the safety manager
  • Safety training for operational safety critical personnel
  • Delivery methods for training.

​Consideration needs to be given to the training requirements of Third Party Contractors.  Relevant stakeholders may require SMS training. The organisation is responsible for appropriate training.  This will vary depending on the level of contact and involvement.  For instance, a contracting service that make front office delivery will require considerably less SMS training than service provider that works continuously in the maintenance hanger.