NZ CAANew Zealand, along with Australia and Canada was the first ‘State’ to universally mandate SMS into aviation legislation.

Following a period of industry consultation, CAA NZ has also consolidated SMS legislation in one CAR Part 100.  This was signed by Associate Transport Minister Foss 7 Dec 2015 and came into effect 01 Feb 2016.  (Also done by PNG 2011 and currently under construction in Australia)

New Zealand SMS implementation is occurring in two groups.  Group 1 is more complex operations (56 by 2018) and Group 2 is less complex operations (324 by 2021). However each organisation is given a compliance date by CAA before the ‘drop dead’ date.

CAA NZ website

CAA NZ has an excellent website and linked resources to assist industry understanding SMS.

There are also 4 booklets as part of CAA NZ participant resource kit. it contains practical advice to organisations about how to improve current systems. They discuss processes and tools to achieve the best safety outcomes through a Safety Management System.

There is also a Resourse mapresource map that includes;

  • What to read from CAA
  • Industry knowledge collection
  • How to up skill in SMS
  • Who to talk to
  • Media and events


CAA NZ AC 100The key ‘official’ document for industry advice is AC100-1. This document provides specific guidance on SMS to assist industry compliance in accordance with legislation.

The AC defines SMS;

  • Over view
  • Scalability
  • Integration into other systems
  • Each element of SMS, and
  • Implementation of SMS

Click here to see a comparison of CAA NZ SMS with CASA and ICAO

New Zealand SMS Structure